Treue Fans in der Heimat – Race Around Austria auf den letzten Kilometern

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Fotos, Fans in Hallein – 19.08.2012

4 Kommentare

  1. This “free sharing” of iniotmarfon seems too good to be true. Like communism.

  2. Hola,Estoy usando el formulario y funciona de maravilla. Gracias por la ayuda :D, solo una duda… necesito adjuntar archivos con la extensión “.docx” que es de Word, ya hice el “case” correspondiente en el archivo php pero aún así, no me deja adjuntar estos archivos, debo modificar algo más? o debo modificar algo directamente en mi servidor?Cualquier ayuda será útil. De nuevo mil gracias por el script, bye.dacm,

  3. Yet another reason to join Facebook! I'm still resisting though my willpower's slipping!(I SO envy your Sarah Richardson experience, I can barely stand it. Lucky lady!)

  4. i also own a pair of red plastic heels i bought for a friend a couple of christmas’s ago size 7, you can imagine my delight when they didnt fit her so occasionaly i ease my foot in like cinderella… i could not believe my friend didnt snatch them out of my hands whatever the size?????????????? I LOVE ART…it keeps on giving all the time.. something new, a thought, a place a question, im 43 & never was taken to a gallery by school or parent but when a friend took me to manchester city art gallery in the 80′s i never looked back….art is life & its everywhere…

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